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flyer_drop1In addition to offering an advertising service within the magazines, did you also know that we can deliver your leaflets and flyers alongside our magazines?

Want to know where we deliver to? Find out here.

We can deliver your flyer or leaflet alongside our magazine. We only allow a maximum of three to go out with the mags to ensure you get the best exposure possible. You are limited to WHEN and WHERE our magazines are being delivered but you do benefit from the cost saving involved.

Cost – £40+vat per 1k.*
*Maximum size and weight applies at this price. For heavy leaflets then please ask for a quote.

Need us to print flyers for you?

No problem. It will also save you dropping the flyers off at our office.

Below are some of the flyer options that people go for most often. If you’ve got something else in mind then please drop us a line and we can provide a quote for you.

If you’d like us to create a new design for you that’s also not a problem as we have a graphic designer. The cost for this is a fixed £40+vat.

The best value flyers

A5 Flyers | 130gsm Gloss | Double Sided
5,000 @ £130
10,000 @ £225
20,000 @ £400

Still A5 size but a heavier paper.

A5 Flyers | 250gsm Gloss | Double Sided
5,000 @ £225
10,000 @ £400
20,000 @ £700

For a more luxurious impression.

A6 Postcards | 350gsm Gloss | Double Sided
5,000 @ £225
10,000 @ £400
20,000 @ £700