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Here at the Essential Guide we use local people to help deliver our magazines and leaflet inserts. This is flexible work, great exercise and a handy way of earning some extra money.

Here’s a little more useful information:

  • Deliveries can be every month (usually the first weekend of the month), with a different route each month
  • We print bi-monthly but some of the deliveries are monthly, therefore when we drop off there may be two months’ worth of magazines with you at one time (you will need somewhere dry to store them)
  • Everything is delivered to your home
  • The rate of pay depends on the route, with extra payment for any leaflet inserts
  • Good communication is as important as actually doing the delivery – information or problems about the route, holidays you may have planned are things we like to know
  • You will be on a self-employed basis and you are responsible for declaring your income to HMRC. We supply you with an invoice to make this easier
  • We can supply a trolley and a bag on request

If you’d like more information on the routes we have available then please hit the link below or call the office on 01925 351105 and ask for Charlotte.

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