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(and how the Essential Guide can help…)

The one and only reason you must market and advertise you business is…
if people can’t see you then they will pick your competitor.

Without customers your business cannot survive and to attract and retain customers you need to market.

Many small businesses don’t place enough importance on marketing, thinking it requires a lot of money and fancy advertising campaigns, or lots of time and a good understanding of social media and how that works.

But a really effective and cost effective way to promote your business and reach the customers directly in their homes, is by booking a block of advertsing in the Essential Guide. Why do we say a block and not just a one off? Well it’s because your prospects go through a process of 4 stages to buy:

Recognise, Read, React and Remember

Recognise – someone sees your advert and it flags up in their mind.

Read – the 2nd or 3rd time someone spots your advert – they begin to recognise you and may pay a bit more attention.

React – the next time they see you, the are familiar with you, and this builds trust. Whilst them may not need your product or services at this time, you are definitely on their radar.

Remember – the most important stage because now your potential customers start to remember you. Your name springs to mind when they (and possibly even more important, someone else) need you.

The other 2 Rs that you need to now think about are Repetition and Reassurance.

Repetition – people are bombarded from with so many forms of marketing from so many different angles, so you need to keep in touch with your prospects; remind them that you (not your competitor) are still there and ready and able to help them out. Repetition breeds familiarity, which builds credibility and trust, encouraging people to do business with you.

Reassurance – that’s where we come in, over the many years we’ve been helping businesses many of our advertisers have told us about the success they’ve had through local direct advertising in the Essential Guide.

6 more reasons you can trust the Essential Guide

  • Hand delivered to your door with GPS tracking
  • FREE Online Web Listing
  • Unrivalled geographical reach
  • Received, Read & Retained by Residents
  • Successfully helping businesses for 14 Years
  • One Stop Shop for all your Marketing – Design, Print, Distribution, Websites & SEO

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